Duos Mode Now Live In Apex Legends For Valentine’s Day Event


Duos Mode Now Live In Apex Legends For Valentine’s Day Event

Apex Legends is holding a limited-time celebration for Valentine’s Day that sees the return of Duos mode.

NEW Apex Legends Valentine’s Day ITEMS & Duos!!

Hey everyone, in this video we will be looking at all of the new Apex Legends Valentine’s Day items and duos.

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LIVE- Apex Legends Valentines Day!! Duo’s Mode Gameplay !Join- Apex Legends

Hey guys, welcome to the stream! Today we are playing the Valentines Day Duo’s Mode! If you guys wanna see more streams, be sure to hit that like button and that subscribe button as well.

DUOS MODE RETURNS! (Valentine’s Week Event – Apex Legends Season 4)

Apex Legends has dropped another event, and this time it’s a Valentine’s day event where duos returns AND some nice cosmetics enter the shop!

All highlights from our yesterdays streaming. BroGamer_vishnu!!!!

Apex Legends Valentine’s Day Rendevous Duos Event Starts Today!

Duos returns to the Apex Games! Grab a friend or a significant other and take on World’s Edge this week on Apex Legends. Let’s see if Max and Persia can be the champions!