Seeking Greatness: The story behind the formation of Edward Gaming


Seeking Greatness: The story behind the formation of Edward Gaming

The story behind Edward Gaming’s formation and their rise to the top of China

DRX vs. EDG | Quarterfinals | 2022 World Championship | DRX vs. Edward Gaming Hycan | Game 4 (2022)

The 12th League of Legends World Championship, the pinnacle of LoL Esports competition, is back in North America for the first time since 2016. 24 teams from around the globe will compete to become world champion.

DRX vs. Edward Gaming Hycan – Game 4

DRX Line up:
• Kingen – Top Camille
• Pyosik – Jungle Sejuani
• Zeka – Mid Azir
• Deft – ADC Kalista
• BeryL – Support Ashe

Edward Gaming Hycan Line up:
• Flandre – Top Aatrox
• JieJie – Jungle Lee Sin
• Scout – Mid LeBlanc
• Viper – ADC Varus
• Meiko – Support Renata Glasc

PLAY-INS: 9/29-10/04 – Mexico City
GROUPS: 10/7-10/10, 10/13-10/16 – New York City
QUARTERFINALS: 10/20-10/23 – New York City
SEMIFINALS: 10/29-10/30 – Atlanta
FINALS: 11/05 – San Francisco

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‘Ryan’s World’ Star Marvels At Seeing Himself Everywhere

The pint-sized star has a $22 million empire and he’s not even double digits. Suzanne Marques reports.

53 Times SpongeBob Got WAY Too Real ������

Any SpongeBob superfan knows and loves gross-ups, but what about all of the times when characters got a little too close to reality? Here’s 53 times that SpongeBob characters got WAY too real!

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