Monster Hunter Rise Guide: Essential Beginner And Advanced Tips


Monster Hunter Rise Guide: Essential Beginner And Advanced Tips

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind as you dive into Switch’s new Monster Hunter game.

Monster Hunter Rise Basics Guide | Everything You Need To Get Started

Is Monster Hunter Rise your first Monster Hunter game? Are you a complete beginner? Here’s the absolute basics of monster hunter in a handy guide!

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BASIC Combat Guide for NEW players | Monster Hunter Rise

Getting into combat can be difficult to understand when you’re new to Monster Hunter. In this video, I talk about some general things that you should know when you get yourself in a fight against any monster!

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Monster Hunter Rise | 18 ADVANCED TIPS – Master The Hunt!

Monster Hunter Rise guide, focusing on important beginner and advanced tips. Learn how to use invulnerability frames, throw bombs, gain extra materials, wall run, improve healing, and more. Want to show off your skills and beat your opponents? Play Hole io today!

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Access to this game was provided by Capcom.

The music used in this is from the official soundtrack.
Meowcenaries Theme + Arena Theme

00:00 Intro
00:32 Air Throwing Items
00:55 Invulnerable Attacks
01:18 Wall Running
01:37 Echo Bat Explosions
02:05 Advanced Navigation
02:30 Better Photos
02:50 Lucky Life Creatures
03:04 Improved Healing
03:34 Extra Monster Materials
04:24 Item Loadout
04:43 Toggle Sprint
05:04 Monster Hunter Snap
05:30 Hidden Sub-Camps
05:50 Better Sharpening
06:07 Detailed Map Use
06:30 Bush Tech
06:40 Monster Capturing
06:59 Doggo Drift
07:15 Improved FOV
07:31 Outro

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Things I Wish I Knew Earlier In Monster Hunter Rise (Tips & Tricks)

Some Tips & Tricks I Wish I Knew Earlier In Monster Hunter Rise!

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